A New Location for the Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School!

by / Wednesday, 05 October 2016 / Published in Kung Fu School News & Updates

A Great New Location for the Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School

We are very pleased to announce that our school has just completed a move to a new location!

Don't worry, the top quality training at the Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School will still continue as we keep up our high training standards as the number one international kung fu school in China.

We see this move as a big step forward and great opportunity for improving the standard of training and facilities that we offer to all of our students.

Just some of the new improvements students training at the Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School can look forward to are...

Comfortable Accommodation - A higher standard of accommodation for all students, to help you relax and unwind after a hard days training. Our new rooms are much more comfortable with softer beds, air conditioning and an en suite bathroom for each room.

An Large Indoor Training Area. - Our new indoor training area provides an all weather training environment for our students to train in. The training hall has; a full length mirror, to allow students to monitor and correct their techniques, all the training weapons needed for the kung fu styles offered at our school and a wide range of other important training equipment to help optimise the kung fu training experience.

Improved Kitchen Facilities. - We have a new kitchen and dining area meaning that our schools cooks can provide students with a wider range of food and more nutritous dishes.

Beautiful Location. - Our new location offers great views and easy access of The Mt Tai National Park. Close by are a number of ancient and interesting sites including the Bhudda Temple and natural water pools with fresh mountain water, which can be used for swimming! Students can also find a number of paths perfect for hiking and running.

Fresh Mountain Water - Our new school is located close to a natural spring atop a nearby mountain. This water is connected directly to our kung fu schools water system, all our students can enjoy the taste and health benefits of this fresh mountain water anytime of day!

A New Master - We are very happy to announce that we will soon be welcoming our new Shaoin Master. He is an extremely accomplished kung fu master with a deep understanding of a comprehensive range of Chinese martial arts. Widely recognised as one of the best kung fu teachers in China we are very proud to offer students the chance to train under him in the very near future. More info to follow very soon!

If you have any questions about are new school location just get in touch and we will be happy to answer any queries you might have.

Below are a selection of photos from our new school. More photos of our school, masters, training and students can be found on our photo gallery pages. More photos to follow very soon!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at the Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School soon!

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