Drunken Boxing – An Overview

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Drunken Boxing
Drunken Boxing

Drunken boxing kung fu master Jackie Chan.

Drunken Boxing

Drunken kung fu, also known as zui quan, is one of the rarest forms of kung fu and is a general term for a style of fighting wherein the participants imitate the actions of drunkards. Drunken style kung fu is marked by its attacks that are difficult to predict and is performed using a series of fast twists, acrobatics and rolls.

Drunken kung fu's methods appear to be very loose and to the untrained eye, this style can be mistaken for not having any sort of fluidity or direction. Even though these movements may look awkward to the outside observer, they are performed with a great deal of agility and strength.

Proper footwork and a strong understanding of the basics are the bedrock principles in any drunken boxing program. One of the most crucial axioms of the drunken kung fu program is to look as if you are not properly balanced when balanced and to give your opponent the impression that you are weak, when you are strong.

There are movements built into drunken style kung fu that imitate the consumption of alcoholic beverages or toasting to heaven's immortals, but these movements are not done for a theatrical benefit, they are carefully designed and taught, with an eye towards the attacking of vital regions of the body.

When learning drunken boxing, it is important to realize that nothing should be taken at face value. There are eight different immortal techniques to learn from and each one is aimed at giving acolytes a new lesson to follow.

Conditioning is another crucial aspect of the drunken kung fu program. A person who is skilled in this particular fighting style is able to fall down often, without sustaining injury. Using an opponent's momentum against them, dodging blows and learning unorthodox methods for attack are all pivotal parts of the program.

Without the proper conditioning of the entire body, the drunken kung fu style is less effective. A skilled practitioner of this method is able to fall down in a manner that brings their opponents with them and the arms and shins are particular areas of concern.

The style is built on internal movements, which combine with the external to formulate an excellent fighting posture. The Taoist Eight Immortals take on an added role during this portion of training and flexibility of both mind and body is prized.

Drunken boxing is a style that offers students with a new way to fight, one that they may have never even considered before. It teaches students how to go with the flow and the importance of misdirection. To become the best martial artist possible, a person must be willing to push their limits and drunken boxing is one of the best ways to do so.

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