Hip Flexibility Exercises

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Hip Flexibility Exercises

Hip Flexibility Exercises

During most sessions of exercise and daily workout programs, workouts on the hips (hip flexibility exercises) are often not taken into consideration. Unfortunately, many people have been adversely affected by tight hip muscles which have led to health problems such as; sciatica, knee and lower back pain as a result of working at a desk for long periods of time during the day.

Hip Flexibility Exercises

Hip flexibility is important for overall health and fitness. It can help relieve tension and muscle pain throughout the body and promote flexibility across the whole body. Here 'Ravi the Scorpion' can be seen demonstrating his amazing level of hip flexibility in Times Square, New York.

It is expedient to note that pain and tension in the hips can be relieved through proper stretching of the hip flexors and piriformis muscles. These and other hip rotator muscles are responsible for the outward movement and proper alignment of the hip. They are also responsible for the protection of the knees and the back. To ensure proper functioning of these muscles, hip stretches must be incorporated into your daily workout routine.

Hip Muscles

Muscles around or adjoining to the hip. It is often useful to have a good working knowledge of the location of different types of muscles in the body when performing flexibility exercises.

Below are some essential exercises for hip flexibility...

Lying Hip Rotation

This practice begins with an easy movement as first warm-up that continues with a build up as you advance to the rest of the exercise.

While lying down with your back on an exercise mat, raise one of your legs and rest it on the other which is shaped like an ‘n.’ ensure to feel the tightness and soreness on the outside of your knees. Now, you can move the rotating leg a little higher and closer to the shin.

Piriformis Stretch

Just like the first technique, the legs should be crossed further while the hips are fully shifted to the other side so that the knee can be pulled up closer to the opposite shoulder, please note that the process should be done in a gentle manner. Any muscle that needs to be stretched can be pressured with the hands as a way of creating resistance.

Ensure that you lie in a horizontal position with one of your legs stretched out in front of you while the other leg is bent and pulled towards your chest. You must ensure that your feet are flexed. Then try to hug the bent leg to a very close range as possible towards your chest and ensure that you breathe as progress is made.

The Butterfly Stretch

Aimed at relieving the groin muscles, the butterfly is a classic stretch that is employed for the improvement of hip rotation to the side.

During this process close attention must be paid to the back as it is kept in a straight and upright position while you move through the stretch. While sitting on a mat, clasp your feet together and rotate the hips from the left to the right and from the right to the left. To ensure proper hip flexibility, sit upright with both knees bent before you.

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