How to Learn Acrobatics – Before you Start

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How to Learn Acrobatics

Perhaps you are fascinated by acrobatics. You are in good physical condition and acrobatics looks magical. It is somewhere in your mind between martial arts and gymnastics, and your instinct tells you to go for it!

Acrobatics is a learned skill, and it is achievable. Yes, it takes some effort and time; but probably not nearly as much as you think. The three main skills you must master to do acrobatics are; hand-stands, muscle-ups and back-flips. But not one of these things will be the hardest part of your acrobatics journey.

The number one issue that virtually every acrobat must face and overcome in the beginning is fear. The thing is people do not think they are afraid. They think because they have the desire to do acrobatics that they are fearless. The fear is there, but we wrap it up in “excuses” to disguise them. Let’s look at a few fear based excuses.

Street acrobatics is becoming more popular, often demonstrating incredible feats of acrobatic agility.

1. That looks dangerous!

What you are really saying is, “I’m afraid of getting hurt.” The truth is acrobatics looks a lot more dangerous than it is. Basic acrobatics is as safe as any other form of gymnastics. You simply learn the proper way to execute the moves. Only extreme and professional acrobats perform dangerous feats. Just as a normal person can drive a car, but only a professional can drive in the Daytona 500.

2. I would look foolish doing that!

You are afraid of what people might think. As with anything else, people will be supportive or they will be negative. Those who are supportive will be in awe of the skills you are mastering. Those who are negative should be sent as far away from you as possible. Negativity drains our energy in anything we do from acrobatics to knitting.

3. I am too old to do that!

This relates back to the fear of getting hurt. You can learn acrobatics at any age. You will need to ensure your general health is good and that you are physically healthy. But you can learn just as quickly and effectively as a person who is younger.

The Two Step Approach

All acrobats have a two-step approach to mastering this art. Step one is always foundation strength. Step two is the skills to do the particular action you are attempting. For example: a simple hand-stand:

Step one (always) – foundation strength

Step two (skills needed) – kick up, balance, hand strength

There are various skills a beginner acrobat will learn. These skills will make it possible to do the magic. But foundation strength must always be the base. Acrobats can be learned in a few weeks (not years).

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