IP Man Wing Chun

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Ip Man Wing Chun
Ip Man Wing Chun

Ip Man teaching Bruce Lee Wing Chun techniques.

Ip Man Wing Chun: The Most Popular Contemporary Chinese Martial Art

Fundamentally, Wing Chun is a Kung Fu style that originates from China. It is a unique type of martial art, which gained prominence because of a renowned Grandmaster, the late IP Man. The grandmaster redefined this Kung Fu style making it more scientific and unique. He spent most of his life in Hong Kong and he left a legacy when he died in 1972. The martial art adopts the principle of close combat, using swift punches and kicks and, maintaining a quick defense. As a student, you should have proper coordination of throwing punches and tight defense. Indeed, this type of martial art is perfect for self-defense.

The History of IP Man Wing Chun

The martial art grandmaster, Ip Man, taught classes in Hong Kong. Consequently, the popular martial art spread around the globe, and it has become one of the most popular contemporary Chinese martial arts.

The redefined Wing Chun teachings came from the grandmaster (IP Man) and the martial art taught today reflect this. A good student must learn how to contain energy and to remain calm and composed during the exercise. As a student, you will learn how to use kicks, sweeps, punches and control techniques.

The grandmaster taught many renowned martial artists, notably the Late Bruce Lee. His sons, Ip Chun and Ip Ching, are also grandmasters. It is because of this pioneering grandmaster that the sport became such a respected martial art around the globe. IP Man Wing Chun is a special art, and there is a lot of literature available for students who want to learn this type of martial art. The students who learnt from Yip Man have continued the martial art tradition, which you can find in books, other literature and video.

The Wing Chun Syllabus

The martial art has distinct levels that start from the Beginner Level, known as Siu Lima Tao. At this level, a student learns the basic hand technique movements, geometry, and structure. This knowledge is the foundation of the martial art. Secondly, a student moves to the Intermediate Level, known as Chum Kiu. The Intermediate Level is a progressive training that teaches the significant techniques such as move position and balance practice.

Thirdly, a student graduates to the Advance Level, known as Biu Gee. The Advanced Level is an extreme close range and extreme far-range technique that involves use of accurate movements. It requires maximum power concentration. A student learns these techniques using the Wooden dummy as a training tool.

You can learn Wing Chun in China whether you have any relevant Kung Fu experience or not, you can start from any level of training. The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School in China will teach you Wing Chun including movements and techniques taught by Yip Man, you will also get the chance to learn flexibility, power control, and defense techniques.

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