Learning Chen Style Tai Chi

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Chen Style Tai Chi
Chen Style Tai Chi

Master & young student training Tai Chi.

Chen Style Tai Chi

Tai chi is a soft style of martial arts focusing on internal power. One of the oldest styles of tai chi is the Chen style. Chen style tai chi originated from Chen village (Chenjiagou), Henan province China. This style of Tai Chi can alternate slow movements with fast, short, and explosive ones including cannon fists, jumping kicks, and thundering stomps. If you are looking for an exciting style of tai chi, Chen style will be perfect for you.

Learning Chen style tai chi can be both exciting and rewarding, it is becoming increasingly popular for those looking for a challenging workout and those looking to improve their self defense skills.

Beginners to Chen style tai chi will often start by learning a short form of Chen style with 19 or 24 moves. A few examples of forms that beginners in Tai Chi can could learn include; whirling arms, Buddha’s Warrior pounds their mortar, and double pushing hands.

A popular trademark of Chen style tai chi is the silk reeling exercise. The silk reeling exercise helps to generate qi energy through the external coiling motions that are preformed during practice.

Some of the Benefits of Chen Style Tai Chi.

Here are just some of the benefits the practice of Chen style tai chi is said to provide:

  • Promotes health and makes you physically fit.
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Relief from back pain and neck pain.
  • Corrects problems related to digestive.
  • Aids psychological and emotional well-being.
  • Helps build self confidence and prevent stress.
  • Helps you to lose weight.
  • Enhances self defense skills and demonstrates internal energy.

Tips for Learning Chen Style Tai Chi

Learning Chen style tai chi moves can be challenging. Each move can often mean combinations of low stretching, poised balance and weight shifts. Students of Chen Style Tai can aid their learning in order to help with; retention of knowledge, physical ability and technical skill. Here are a few possible strategies that can be adopted to help you develop your skills:

  • Learning the names of the movements. If you know the name of the Chen style tai chi moves, it will make you mentally hooked and makes you prepared for the next moves.
  • Being aware of the fighting applications. Learning the basic applications is important for learning the sequence of the tai chi moves.
  • Helping your body to remember the moves. Help your body in memorizing a new move. It is essential to practice the move during breaks, before leaving the class as well as engaging your master with questions.
  • Use visualizations. Visualization is a strategy used by Olympic athletes and racing drivers. Try to see yourself doing the movements in your mind. This can be practiced both during and outside of training.
  • Make use of DVDs and video clips as references. A video or a DVD clip can be helpful. Both practicing and watching someone doing the moves can help in mastering a new move.
  • Freeze frame approach. You can utilize this approach if you know how to feel or hold a position. You must be relaxed both in mind and body.
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4 Responses to “Learning Chen Style Tai Chi”

  1. Ricardo Kroc says : Reply

    You have mentioned various benefit of Chen Style Tai Chi, I want to learn it, but I want to know one thing “What is the time period to learn it?

    • Hi Ricardo,

      We are glad to hear you are interested in learning Chen Style Tai Chi. The time period taken to learn the style really depends on how much you would like to learn, what level you hope to achieve and how dedicated you are in your training. Beginners looking to learn Chen Style Tai Chi would be able to have an introduction to the style and learn some basics during a month intensive training period. If you were able to commit a year to training in the style you would be able to reach a good level and learn some more advanced forms. Do you have any experience learning Tai Chi?

      More information about the Tai Chi training we offer at our kung fu school can be found on our Learn Tai Chi in China page.

  2. Semprini says : Reply

    Im grateful for the post and as i am just starting to learn chen style tai chi myself. I hope you keep writing more about the subject. Thanks.

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