Learning Kung Fu In China – A Quick Reference Guide

Learning Kung Fu In China
Learning Kung Fu In China

Foreign students are now able to learn kung fu taught by Chinese kung fu masters.

Training Kung Fu in China

The term 'Kung Fu itself, actually refers to any skill achieved through hard work and practice. In relatively recent times the term has been used to refer to Chinese martial arts many of which have developed from ancient practices of martial arts in China over the centuries. These styles and arts to which 'Kung Fu' refers comprise of hundreds of different forms and practices.

The origin of some styles of Kung Fu have developed from ancient warriors. These ancient warriors practiced various styles of fighting that have been developed and honed over the years and often involve fighting styles focusing on self defense or hand to hand combat.

These many different styles over the centuries have merged into a form of martial arts called Kung Fu.

The study and practice of Kung Fu requires great skill and training. There is also a strong philosophical aspect to the study of Kung Fu.

Internal & External Kung Fu

The internal or philosophical aspect of Kung Fu is based on Zen study. The Zen was created from ancient Buddha study. This internal study includes expressing yourself for the benefits of others. The Zen-Buddhist study also focuses on meditation and centering yourself.

The external focus of Kung Fu is the practice of certain styles of movement of self defense. The fighting movements include many different styles including the Dragon, Praying Mantis and imitating other animals movements. The movements can be utilized in punches and kicks. To really master the whole art of Kung Fu all these techniques must be coordinated with the internal mind-set. It can often take decades to truly master the art of Kung Fu.

Improvement in Physical Condition

Many of the movements require being in good physical shape. To help with kung fu training students should be in good physical shape, cardiovascular exercises and also those that help strengthen and improve flexibility can benefit the kung fu practitioner. Make sure to be in good physical shape before starting any Kung Fu training.

When training in Kung Fu the physical benefits can be many including. Increased stamina, strength, flexibility, speed and concentration coupled with a general feeling of overall well being. These benefits have been enjoyed by many over the centuries through this ancient practice of Kung Fu.

Why Go To China to Learn Kung Fu?

The benefits of learning the ancient art of Kung Fu in the country of China can be many. The whole practice of kung fu originated in China and has developed into one of the most popular martial art forms today. A large variety of styles of Kung Fu can be found here from Shaolin to Jeet Kune Do.

All the hundreds of different kinds of Kung Fu have evolved over the centuries in China. What better place to practice this ancient art than in the land from which it originated.

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of earliest styles of martial arts in China and today Shaolin is one of the most popular forms of Kung Fu. This type of kung fu practice in China was the first to use both spiritual aspects and external physical aspects in combination for the use in Kung Fu martial arts. Today genuine Shaolin kung fu masters are willing to teach their skills to foreign students.

Another good reason to study Kung Fu in China is the teachers and masters. In China many instructors are masters in their field. One such school that offers a variety of disciplines in Kung Fu is the “Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School.”

Chinese Kung Fu Masters

Chinese Masters dedicate their whole lives practicing kung fu with their skills being passed down the generations.

Learning Kung Fu at the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School

The school is set in a beautiful sacred mountain setting and welcomes foreign students to come and learn Kung Fu in China. The various areas of teaching and kung fu styles that are taught include:

  • Shaolin. Which is the most popular form of Kung Fu in China. The ancient art form includes mastering speed and total body flexibility.
  • Tai Chi. Another form of Kung Fu known for simple strong movements and popularly practiced for its heath benefits. Help transform your mind and body with Tai Chi and also develop practical self defense and fighting skills.
  • Jeet Kune Do or JKD. This form of Kung Fu was made popular by the famous fighter and movie star Bruce Lee. This form is becoming very popular in China today. The art form is known to offer more freedom of movement and not be so rigid.
  • Wing Chun. A practical form of self defense, Wing Chun uses a small number of techniques that can be learned over a relatively short amount of time and used in practical situations for self defense. The Wing Chun style was practiced by Bruce Lee and taught to him by his Master Ip Man.
  • XMA & Acrobatics. Using aerial jumps and twists to add to the traditional Kung Fu. This acrobatic style can be really amazing to watch and also incorporates practical fighting techniques.
  • Kung Fu Fighter with Sanda. This form teaches real combat skills and gets you in tough shape. Sanda is Chinese Kickboxing and it will get you ready to do some serious fighting.
  • Qi Gong. Qi Gong or Chi Kung strengthens your body but helps you find peace from within. Qi Gong helps student better understand the energy flow of their bodies and understanding that can be applied to other areas of kung fu practice.

All these forms are different and the school offers you a chance to combine whatever forms together.

Students Training Kung Fu

Students training kung fu at the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu and Wellness School.

The school also offers fitness programs to get you in shape and also help you lose weight.

The dedicated trainers and masters are experts in their areas of training. Training facilities and equipment are provided as well as indoor/outdoor training areas.

Healthy food much of which is grown at the school on a small organic farm is provided and students get the benefit of comfortable rooms all with free internet available. Leisure and relaxation activities for outside of training hours are also provided. The school and staff are happy to help out and offer advice to students both before and after they arrive at the school including helping foreign students with their visa.

The school is located in the sacred Mt Tai area in a beautiful countryside setting and is growing in popularity as a choice for students looking to learn kung fu.

How to Come to China and Learn Kung Fu?

Coming to China to learn kung fu is quite an easy process and be a very rewarding experiencing.

For students looking to learn kung fu more information can be found on the website of the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School.

Students can fill out a quick application form and the staff from the school will email you back to guide you through the process.

If you have any questions about the school or training you can also just get in touch with the kung fu school and the staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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