Learning to Perform a Backflip

Learning to perform a back flip can be intimidating at first, however with the right training and dedication you can learn it faster than you might think.

Learning to Perform a Backflip

Learning to do a back-flip is a basic skill learned by acrobats and gymnasts and it is a learn-able skill that many athletes incorporate into their routines.

Most coaches will advise you to practice every single day. Your initial daily practice should consist of the necessary conditioning training needed in order to prepare your body for the flip.

Once you are in prime condition and ready to perform the back-flip, it is still recommended to continue with your daily conditioning practice as it builds your foundation strength which is essential in any form of acrobatics.

Daily strength training for back-flips

1. Exercise legs with squats, lunges, knee-bends and stretches. By adding dumbbells or weights to the session, you also strengthen the abdomen which will aid you in your back-flip.

2. Body stretches. You must make sure the entire body is flexible and well stretched. This includes the back, legs, arms, neck, and core. This should be done every day and before any acrobatic session. Attempting to do a back-flip without preparing the body is asking for injury.

3. Learn to do a back-bend. Before you are ready for a back-flip, you should be able to do a full back-bend. Standing with feet firmly on the floor you will bend the back backwards until the hands are touching the ground. Until you can do this your core is not ready for a back-flip. A back-bend is the exact same movement as a back-flip without the jump. It is a great way to stay in condition.

If you have the option of practicing on a trampoline to begin learning your back-flip, it is a good way to begin. It can be intimidating to do a back-flip from the floor. The trampoline allows you to execute your moves and will catch you if you fall. As you are practicing you are further developing the key muscles needed.

Standing squats whether using weights or just body weight are a great exercise to help condition your body for a back flip.

Try to include a number of different full body stretches. Stretches that engage the lower back and abdomen work well.

Aim to perform a full back bend before attempting a back flip. If you are able to manage a full back bend from a standing position you will be well on your way to performing a back flip!

Doing the back-flip

Stand on the floor in an open area as not to kick or hit anything as you are learning to do your back-flip. Both feet should be firmly on the floor with feet slightly apart. Raise both hands above your head. You will lower your hands as you slightly bend your knees. Now you will raise your arms in a swinging motion and you will swing until you get to the ears. As you are doing this you are bringing your hips above your head whilst tucking your knees causing a rotation and you will land with your knees slightly bent.

Once your core is strong you will see that performing a back-flip is not that difficult. You will need to practice and stretch every day in order to be at your best.

Caution: not properly stretching and conditioning can result in injury to the back and neck.

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