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Master Wang At Mount Tai

Written by The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School

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Master Wang At Mount Tai

Master Wang practicing taiji at the foot of Mt Tai. See Tai Shan rising up in the background.

Natural Beauty, The Climb & Parallels with the Practice of Kung Fu

Beauty and peace can be found in many places across the world. Sometimes the relentless pace of everyday life and all that comes with it can leave us disconnected with this beauty that is present all around us. A willful act of concentration and effort is sometimes necessary on behalf of the beholder for it to be fully appreciated. Luckily that isn’t the case for Tai Shan. The mountain’s awe inspiring figure has inspired China’s emperors to pay homage for close to two millennia and gave birth to the city of Tai’An in the process.

Tai Shan, located in Western Shandong province is a stunning location full of natural beauty and awe inspiring views. It has so much to give should one be prepared to put in the time and effort to see it. In order to witness the temples, to see the breath-taking views all around you and to stand at the top of one of Chinas most spiritual mountains, you have to climb… a lot!

Mt Tai is a popular destination for people all over China and also other parts of the world. Tai Shan derives its popularity from the challenge of the climb, its outstanding natural beauty, its ethereal nature and how rewarding it can be to reach the summit. It’s an awesome climb up one set of stairs to get to the top. Once you’re there though, the time, the struggle, the sweat, and the exhaustion all pays off as you’re rewarded with a view that few people in the world get to see.

Mt Tai also seems to be popular with those who have an interest in Kung Fu. Many Taoist priests take residence on the mountain, where they practice their kung fu and qi gong. Local residents of Tai’an can also be seen practicing their daily Tai Chi at the foot of the mountain.

Kung fu practitioners will often take the walk up Mount Tai because of the parallels with their own Kung Fu journey that can be drawn. They both require time, effort and discipline. The reward at the end, though, can often make the struggle worthwhile!

Every year there is a race from the bottom of the mountain to the top, which draws people from all around China. It can take about 4-5 hours to walk up, which makes for an incredibly demanding race. If you’re interested in entering the race while here training at the school, we’ll help you join and train you to conquer the mountain.

The school itself is about 20 – 30 minutes from the foot of mount tai, which itself rises up out of Tai’An, the city having been built around the base of the mountain. Come and train with us and experience Chinese culture and link to China’s past.

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