Students Training Diary – Matthew Week 2

by / Friday, 21 November 2014 / Published in Kung Fu, Shaolin, Training Diary
Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School Group Photo

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  1. Rutger says : Reply

    Hey there,

    I have recently discovered this site and I am completely in awe. I really enjoyed this blog a lot and purely out of interest I was wondering, will there be a follow-up blog to this, or will there be something like this from other students?

    Keep up the good work, I am really inspired by this site and will maybe try to visit the school myself one day!

  2. Fredrik says : Reply


    I stumbled onto this site the other day for some reason while just browsing the internet. The more i read on this website the more I get the feeling that this is something I really want to try out at some point in my life. The sooner the better!

    This blog is extra interesting in my opinion since Iยดm now considering visiting you at some point.
    What I think would be awsome is to have some blogs like this one but from students that follows diffrent paths. By that i mean that you have one for Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Sanda and so on. So that people that are interested to maby join you get some insight to the diffrent styles and how things work.
    Also, I noticed the Photos & Videos tab only had Photos. It would be cool to see some short clip from a training session on the diffrent styles.


    • Hey Fredrik,

      Those are great ideas! Actually we have a lot of videos on the way. We’ve been so busy training that we haven’t had the opportunity to actually put them together. They will go up on the photos and videos page. I’ll write a short reply here so that you’re notified when a new video goes up. Or you can simply subscribe to our Youtube channel to get direct notifications of videos.

      Thanks Fredrik

  3. Vivi Fasianou says : Reply

    Very nice site, although I found diary boring. I hope some day i visit you.
    What have changed in Chinese culture and you have no problem to teach Wing Tsun ?
    I was looking for a teacher and I visited Chinese Embassy’s site for help. No word for Wing Tsun, not even Kung Fu.
    Why don’t you cooperate ?
    Anyway, Keep on good working!!

    • Hey Vivi,

      Cooperating with the Chinese Embassy is quite a good idea actually. I imagine their official website mainly deals with administrative things. About Chinese culture changing, China has certainly become a lot more open recently and while Wing Chun (Wing Tsun) has always been available in China, it is now becoming more widely available for foreigners.

      You’re welcome to visit us any time Vivi. Good luck with your training.

  4. Tite says : Reply

    Master Wang is an excellent tcaheer and passionate about Martial Arts. I encourage anyone who wants to learn traditional Kung Fu and Sanda to learn from him. He creates an ideal learning environment and pushes you to be the best that you can be. Definitely benefited greatly from my experience with him as my Master, and can not wait to go back.Mark

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