Sun Style Tai Chi

Sun Lu-t'ang (1860-1933), the founder of Sun Style Tai Chi.

Sun Style Tai Chi - An Introduction

Tai Chi has long been known to be a great art form for relieving stress, relaxing, and connecting the mind, body, and spirit. There are five different styles of Tai Chi: Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu (the two “Wus” are different words in Chinese), and Sun. Sun is the newest form of Tai Chi. It is similar to the others, but offers a livelier approach to Tai Chi.

Sun style Tai Chi is known for its lively forward and back steps. One foot is always followed by the other. The movements in the Sun style Tai Chi are similar to the other forms of Tai Chi, in that they are smooth, gentle, and loose. In addition, though, the movements are naturally brisk they are fluid, yet energetic. During turns, the body is always opening and closing. This is the reason why it is often called the “opening closing and lively stepping Taijiquan.”

Sun style Tai Chi is also a combination of two other disciplines, Xingyiquan and Baguaquan. These two disciplines focus on using powerful moves without using physical force. Strength for performing the moves is mostly focused on the torso and the glutes.

There are two main types of Sun style Tai Chi. There is Traditional Form and Competition Form. The Traditional Chen style takes about one hour to perform.

The Chen style Tai Chi is performed while using free-flowing, relaxed movements. The movements are circular and focus on energy (Chi). This form of Tai Chi requires that the mind be in control of the Chi, or the flow of energy. Therefore, it takes a very focused mind-set to correctly and efficiently perform Chen Tai Chi.

This form of Tai Chi teaches defense and attack-modes. It also teaches the health version of Tai Chi, and for those reasons, it is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The Competition Form of Tai Chi was created in 1989 by Professor Men Hui Feng of the Beijing University of Physical Education. He worked side-by-side with Sun Jian Yun, and kept almost all the practices from the Sun’s traditional forms. When Professor Feng created the Sun Style Chinese National Competition Forms, he had to delete some moves from the Traditional Form to be able to pack everything into six minutes.

A popular Competition Form move is “Turn Body and Jump Up with Double Kicks”. But not to worry if you feel that you are not up for the challenge of these moves. They can be modified for any user, and the stances are a bit higher than other styles.

Sun style Tai Chi is a fairly new style of Tai Chi, but is just as beneficial as the other styles. This style still offers the benefits of an aligned Chi, a calmer self, and increased mobility and flexibility. It is a great form of exercise for the beginning Tai Chi practitioner, or the seasoned expert. Consider taking Sun Tai Chi classes to see what it can do for you.

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