The Shaolin Staff

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The Shaolin Staff is a versatile kung fu weapon. It can be used for attack, defense, training and body conditioning. Shaolin monks incorporate the staff into the Shaolin kung fu style to produce some breathtaking feats of kung fu agility and skill.

At Look at the Shaolin Staff

The Shaolin Kung Fu style is one of the most famous and popular types of martial arts in China and across the world it has gained much popularity in recent times. Its movements are swift, fast and strong. This martial art demands speed, strength, and dexterity. It is extremely common to see Shaolin kung fu practitioners and Shaolin monks training or fighting with a Shaolin staff.

It took centuries for the Shaolin monks to perfect their staff technique, these days, those wanting to learn Shaolin staff fighting techniques would be

advised to learn from a Shaolin staff master who is proficient in the style in order to get the most out of training.

The Purpose of the Shaolin Staff

Some of the fundamental aims of the staff are to increase the force, speed and distance delivered in a strike. The user's movement, technique and skill will be determine the power and effectiveness behind any long-range extensive strike or crush. Hence the need for proper Shaolin staff training.

The staff may also be thrown at an adversary, enabling one to hit from a longer range. In addition, it is used for joint locks to immobilize or subdue an adversary.

The staff is a weapon that can also be used for defense, and can be used to perform a dodge or to block an attack. Other martial arts techniques, such as blocks and kicks, may also be combined with the staff in order to create a more effective overall fighting style.

Centuries ago it would be common place for Shaolin staffs to be custom made for the individual. Nowadays people can buy ready-made staffs. Staffs can be made of a variety of different materials dependent on the required use and individual preference. Some of the more common materials used to make staffs can be seen below:

Wax Wood Staff

Wax Wood is a great option for a staff. The wood won’t readily splinter and is flexible; it's a great choice for Kung Fu fighting. Because of its tractability and resistance to breakage, it is a great option for Shaolin staff training, and can vastly limit injury.

A white wax wood staff.

Oak Wood Staff

Oak is a heavy hardwood. Oak staffs are a great alternative for those who need to do conditioning and strength training with a staff. Oak wood has a tendency to splinter, thus hitting the earth with an oak staff can cause splintering. Oak is regarded as an ideal material for those needing a staff for a battle weapon. Oak staffs frequently need additional sanding to reach a particular "feel" Also, just like baseball, it can be "boned" to make it even sturdier.

A red oak wooden staff.

Rattan Staff

Rattan is a flexible and light substance that's a great option for sparring tournaments, demonstrations, and training. It will bend and can often be seen used in Shaolin hard Qi Gong demonstrations. Rattan is also smooth and resistant.

A flexible rattan staff, perfect for training purposes.

The Length of the Staff

The length of a staff is usually a personal choice, but the regular staff is usually 6 feet long. In Kung Fu, the right height for a short staff is traditional assumed to be the height of the user’s eyebrow to the floor.

Learn to Fight with the Shaolin Staff

For those interested in learning Shaolin staff fighting techniques, here at the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School we offer Shaolin staff training as part of our Shaolin training course. You will have the chance to train full time with a genuine Shaolin warrior monk of vast experience.

If you would like to know more you can visit our Shaolin Training page, or visit our home page - Learn Kung Fu.

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