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Learn Kung Fu in China

Our first blog post from the kung fu school!

Welcome to the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu & Wellness School’s blog. And welcome to our first blog post!

Here’s a bit of background about us if you’re new to our schools or our website. We are a traditional kung fu school in China offering students the change to learn kung fu full time at our beautiful location close to Mt Tai in Shandong Province, China. We offer all inclusive training, with tuition, accommodation and food all included.

Our masters our highly skilled and can trace their kung fu lineages back through the centuries, they are now available to pass on their skills and knowledge to students of all levels and backgrounds hoping to spread the message of kung fu.

Some of the styles that you can learn at our school include; Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Sanda Kick Boxing, Jeet Kune Do & Qi Gong.

There is plenty more information about are school and how you can come and join us on the rest of ourkung fu schools website. If you want to get in touch please feel to contact us anytime!

We will keep the blog updated with regular posts about learning kung fu in China, news from our kung fu school, student training diaries and articles that we hope anyone interested in kung fu will find useful and interesting.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Raiizza says : Reply

    I would say that Shaolin is more varied though and you could practice just that form all of your life and still never master everything.Also Shaolin has elements of speed and power plus deflection and using the opponents energy against them so I feel that you would get the best of both worlds as well as learning a system that incorporates it’s strength training into the style and teaches cool flips and kicks to try and impress your friends however they most likely won’t be impressed but it’s still fun none the less lol.Personally I do Wing Chun which is very powerful in a soft way.9 years in To-Shin Do

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