What Makes Sanda or Chinese Kick Boxing Stand Out?

by / Wednesday, 24 June 2015 / Published in Kung Fu, Sanda Kickboxing

Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) competition fighters in the ring.

Sanda - Chinese Kickboxing

Students of kung fu may gravitate toward Sanda or Chinese kick boxing for many reasons. They may have heard about its use by the Chinese military, to train its soldiers in effective unarmed combat. They may be impressed by the fact that the martial arts contests in China have designated Sanda as the official combat sport. Or they may simply be looking for a martial art which allows them to achieve peak physical prowess, in a way, which is focused and has meaning. Whatever the reason, there are a number of key points about Chinese kick boxing, which help to make it stand out.

Sanda Has a Very Wholistic Take on Combat Ranges

One of the advantages of a practitioner of Chinese kick boxing is that this martial art provides options for dealing with adversaries at various ranges. Further out, and as the name implies, a practitioner can lash out and take down opponents through the use of kicks.

If the adversary is able to close in further, a Sanda practitioner can bring the full weight of strikes using the palms, fists, elbows, knees and more. Finally, if both fighters end up in takedown range, the Chinese kick boxer is able to transition to sweeps, joint locks and more. The idea here is that even if the fight takes place at various ranges. A Chinese kick boxing practitioner will have a wide range of tools and options at his or her disposal.

Sanda Has an Emphasis on Realistic Fighting Scenarios

This is connected to the fact that this martial art has historical connections to military fighting. It has been used and taught by the Chinese elite forces, in order to make sure that their soldiers are properly equipped, in case they are forced to fight without weapons. This means that a student who is learning Sanda is learning a martial art, which developed with a great emphasis on practical fighting and the efficient takedown of an actual opponent in a life or death situation. For people looking to augment their own self-defense capabilities, Chinese kick boxing is an excellent choice.

Chinese Kick Boxing is Great for Physical Conditioning

The military background of Sanda means that it was also a tool to help soldiers get into and remain in peak physical condition. This remains true today for students of the martial art. Practitioners are expected to be able to move and fight at a rapid pace, and the capability to do so is increased through the use of various calisthenic exercises and repeated drills. In addition, since practitioners are expected to be able to attack and defend using the different parts of the body, the entire physical form becomes stronger and more physically capable. This is not a martial art that just focuses on attacks with the legs or arms. Students will get a full body workout because they are meant to be able to use all their limbs and other body parts, as offensive and defensive tools.

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