Learn Tai Chi in China

Learn Tai Chi As it Was Meant to Be Used

Learn Tai Chi As It Was Originally Meant To Be Used. Tai Chi was never meant to be a simple set of movements solely to give health benefits.

While tai chi has incredible health benefits, it is also an incredible martial art, capable of transforming your body, mind and also fighting capability.

Our tai chi instructor, Master Wang, teaches Hong Quan Chen Shi Tai Chi. This is a derivative of Chen Tai Chi.

Students of all levels are welcome!

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Key Areas That The Tai Chi Training Focuses On

Developing Skills

Tai Chi doesn't just give you health benefits. You will learn and apply practical fighting skills & applications. Tai Chi is a fighting art at its core.

Health & Well Being

After just a short time practicing tai chi, you will find yourself feeling healthier, stronger and calmer than before. The longer you practice, the better you will feel.

Moving The Qi

Rather than simply using your muscles to punch or kick, when you use tai chi, your defense and attack is an expression of how the qi moves in your body. Learn to use your own and your opponents qi.

Whole Body Strength

You will develop awesome whole body strength with very little chance of injury. Tai Chi is low impact and all movements are controlled. You train slowly so that your muscle memory builds in an even manner.

High Quality Tai Chi Training. Get rid of stress, build a strong body and importantly, harness your internal energy to keep yourself from failing ill.

What You Get From Your Tai Chi Training

  • Direct training with your Tai Chi master.

  • Tai Chi For Health

  • Tai Chi For Practical self defense.

  • Training that takes into account your needs.

  • Developing your Qi energy.

  • Sensitivity.

  • Natural power generation.

  • Learn how to use your opponents power against them.

  • Correct body posture.

  • Learn how to relax and release stress.

  • Self control & discipline.

    Access to other kung fu styles training.

  • All meals and accommodation included.

  • Healthy food.

  • Recreation facilities.

    Chinese classes.

    & more!

Areas your Tai Chi Training Focuses On:


  • Techniques
  • Health
  • Practical Skills
  • Power

How to Start Your Tai Chi Training?

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  1. Simply click on the book now button (to the right) and fill in a quick application form.
  2. We will contact you to confirm your booking and training your dates.
  3. Come to the school and start your training
  4. Get in fantastic shape & have an amazing experience!

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