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A Real Wing Chun Training Experience - Develop Your Hidden Skills

  • Train with genuine Chinese Wing Chun masters.
  • See your skills develop fast with full time training.
  • Have the chance to train with Wing Chun Weapons.
  • Receive Qi Gong & Tai Chi Training included.
  • Learn how to defend yourself in multiple situations.
  • Gain personal self discipline and self control.

Talking about the training: all masters are really chinese martial arts masters, who give their lives to king fu, to become better and better every day. They know how to teach kung fu, and in your first session they will make you the most suitable personal training path. If you want to learn kung fu in China, there is no better place to be!​

Italy - Wing Chun

Develop Your Wing Chun Skills Fast

How your wing chun training can progress:

1 Month

Learn the wing chun basics; Stances, fundamentals of the style, punches and core movements.

> 6 Months

Move on from the basics and deepen your understanding of the Wing Chun style. You will begin to learn more forms, movements, punches and technical aspects of the style, whilst applying these to practical defense. You will also have a chance to start learning a number of different Wing Chun weapon styles including the Wing Chun long pole, staff and butterfly swords.

> 1 Year

Start to develop your Wing Chun skills to an advanced level. You will have the chance to learn and understand a large portion of the Wing Chun system and have the chance to practically apply your skills for self defense. Your understanding of the theory behind the Wing Chun system will also develop helping your Wing Chun skills to reach new levels. You will also reach a high level of proficiency in Wing Chun weapons such as; Wing Chun Long Pole, Staff, Spear and Butterfly Knives.

1 Year +

In addition to developing an advanced and varied repertoire of Wing Chun skills and reaching a high level of physical fitness. Students who study for over 1 year will have the chance to reach the level of Wing Chun instructor. Your understanding, depth of knowledge and level of practical application of Wing Chun will reach such a level where you are able to teach others the style. A certificate of instructor training qualification will be provided upon leaving our kung fu school.

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Learn one of the best martial arts for personal self defense.

Wing Chun combines deadly speed and accuracy with incredible control and is one of the very few martial arts that are suitable for everyone. Wing Chun can be used for practical self defense no matter what your size, age or martial arts experience.

Whatever your age or level of experience your master at the Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School will be able to asses your requirements to help your training develop in a way that is right for you.

Your Wing Chun master at our school will be accompanied by a translator speaking to you in English, this allows you to better understand some of the deeper principles of the style and develop your skills at a fast yet accomplished pace.

At our kung fu school you will receive top class full time Wing Chun training. The full time nature of the course means that you will be learning all day. Compared to taking the odd class once or twice a week at home you will develop your skills at a completely different level!

Your training might seem tough to begin with, however as many of our students have found, it soon becomes much more natural, easier and enjoyable. You will be surprised at how quickly your physical strength, mental faculty and kung fu abilities develop.






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