Chinese Kung Fu Facilities

At the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu and Wellness School you'll have all the facilities you need to live a comfortable life while training. Our kung fu school is located close to Mt Tai and the city of Tai'an where you can visit in your free time or buy anything you might need.

Training Facilities

Our school has everything you need to train in whichever martial arts you’re learning. We aim to provide our students with the facilities that you need to get the most out of your training.

Our Training Facilities

  • All Weather Training Areas
  • Training bags & Heavy Bags
  • Gloves & Wraps
  • Full Body Sparring Equipment

  • Pads & Focus Mits
  • Weapons For All Styles
  • Floor Pads & Crash Mats For Acrobatics
  • Wing Chun Training Gear – Wooden Dummies, Rings, Knives, Poles

Other Facilities

We also have a wide range of other facilities that we hope will make your stay at our school more comfortable and enjoyable and we are always trying to improve our school and are adding new features all the time!

Sometimes is good to take a bit of time out and relax! There is also loads for you to do in the school and in the surrounding area during your free time.

Our school is situated close to Tai'an city where students can find a range of shops, restaurants and other services such as sports massage.

If you need any more information please hesitate to get in touch with us anytime.

Some Of the Facilities at Our Kung Fu School

  • Laundry & Clothes Drying.
  • High Speed Internet.
  • Classroom for Chinese, Calligraphy and Kung Fu Theory Lessons.
  • Showers and Washroom Facilities With Hot Water.
  • Western Style Toilets & Bathrooms.
  • Relaxation room.
  • Watch a movie – We have a large flat screen TV in our recreation room.

  • Taxi Service To visit Tai’an, Jinan Or Any Other Location Near By.
  • Hiking – The campus is surrounded by mountains
  • Visit Tai’An: – Climb Mount Tai – China’s holiest mountain (we sometimes go there to train), hit the amusement park, visit the local pools and saunas a great to relax on the weekends with other students & much more…
  • Visit Jinan – Jinan is the capital city of Shandong province and has a lot to offer. If you fancy a taste of home you can find western restaurants and international shops selling some western food favorites!