Previous Kung Fu Masters of The Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School

Past Masters at Our School:

Former masters of the Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School. We would like to say a big thank you to all the past masters of the school. You have taught so much to your students during your time here, we wish you very well in the future.

Master Wang

Kung Fu Styles Taught:

Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun & Hong Quan Chen Shi Tai Chi.

Master Wang began learning Chinese martial arts as a young child. Under the dedicated and disciplined tuition of his first master he began to develop his kung fu skills and build a strong martial arts foundation.

A keen interest and respect for Bruce Lee’s kung fu and the effectiveness of the kung fu style he had created led Master Wang to study Jeet Kune Do. Master Wang began to develop his Jeet Kune Do skills quickly, coming to further understand its ethos and principles. After years of dedicated study Master Wang became a Jeet Kune Do expert, developing the extremely effective combat techniques and specialist Jeet Kune Do weapon skills (such as Nunchakus) that make Jeet Kune Do so famous.

Akin to Bruce Lee Master Wang is dedicated to developing his own skills and martial arts style into the most effective fighting technique possible. Whilst studying Jeet Kune Do he also began to learn IP Man Wing Chun a style also studied by Bruce Lee.

Taking years to learn the techniques and refining his skills Master Wang became a Wing Chun Master, he is now a third generation disciple of the IP Man Wing Chun lineage. 

Master Wang is also a master in Chen style Tai chi practical forms. He is a pupil of Master Liu Zhenhai a 19th generation successor of Chen style Taichi lineage. Master Liu Zhenhai is an internationally recognised master of high regard, he teaches the practical forms and applications of Chen style Tai Chi which is a devastatingly effective combat style of Tai Chi.

Combining all of the different styles he has learnt over his 20 years of study Master Wang has become an extremely accomplished Kung Fu master and teacher, he continues to add to his knowledge daily. He has established his own martial arts organization which helps to teach students in many universities across China. He has experience teaching students from a variety of different backgrounds, his easy going nature and dedication to his students make him much loved and respected by all his pupils.

Students training with Master Wang find that they develop their skills quickly. Master Wang understands that each individual has different needs from their kung fu training and can tailor make his tuition to suit each student.

Photos of Master Wang

Master Huang

Kung Fu Styles Taught:

Wing Chun, Yang Tai Chi, Southern Fist & Bagua Zhang.

Master Huang is from Guangdong province in Southern China. He was born into a martial arts family and has kung fu in his blood. He has been learning Wing Chun for over 23 years and is always trying to advance his knowledge to still higher levels.

He first began to learn Southern fist and Yang style Tai Chi from his uncle during his childhood. At the age of eight a chance meeting brought him together with an enigmatic Wing Chun master. This master teaches only a small number of students seen to have the right qualities necessary to learn his art. Under this masters tuition Master Huang began to develop his skills. He started to understand the principles of Wing Chun and build strong foundations for his future kung fu development.

Ten years later at the age of eighteen Master Huang became the disciple of Master Li Zhihe, a seventh generation successor of the Wing Chun lineage. Under Master Li Zhihe’s guidance his Wing Chun skills developed rapidly and reached an expert level. Master Huang went on to master three more styles of Wing Chun; Guangdong folk traditional wing chun, Hong Kong IP Man Wing Chun and Fo Shan snake and crane Wing Chun.

He has participated in numerous competitions and traveled to meet with many Wing Chun masters exchanging knowledge and further honing his skills. Master Huang also has extensive experience in teaching students. For 12 years now he has shared his skills with more than one thousand students helping more people to learn and benefit from the art of Wing Chun. In 2005 he founded the Julong Martial Arts Association in Foshan and in 2010 the Nature Wing Chun Club in Guangzhou.

In addition to Wing Chun Master Huang is also highly skilled and knowledgeable in a number of other different kung fu styles. He has learned Bagua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and a number of weapon forms from master Wang Yaoguang who is a second generation successor of the Bagua School of Wudang. He also has a keen interest in Caligraphy, Chinese medicine and Chinese history which he is also able to teach to students at our school.

Photos of Master Huang

Master Song

Master Song has had a keen interest and love for martial arts since he was a child and began to practice Shaolin kung fu at the early age of 11 years old, giving him over 14 years of experience in Shaolin kung fu.

He is a master in 18 types of Shaolin fighting styles and weapons including; Shaolin animal forms, Shaolin optional fist, Shaolin traditional fist, Sanda kickboxing, Chinese wrestling (Shuai Jiao).

Because of his high skill level and impressive performances he was given the honor of being selected to train at the Shaolin temple in Dengfeng, in order to learn real Shaolin kung fu. During his time at the Shaolin temple he was selected to enter a number of different martial arts competitions and won numerous awards including:

- 1st prize in the men's traditional double sword competition.

- 1st prize in the national Shaolin long fist competition.

- In the sixth national martial arts competition he won 1st prize in the Shaolin staff discipline.

- 1st prize in the national men's fist and sword.

- Was invited to perform in the Eleventh National fitness sports meeting attended by the President of China.

- In 2012 he was invited to perform in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit attended by the presidents of six countries.

Kung Fu Styles Taught:

Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda Kickboxing (Sanshou)

Photos of Master Song

Master Liu

Kung Fu Styles Taught:

Shaolin Kung Fu & Sanda Kickboxing.

Master Liu is a 33rd generation Shaolin Monk master. He joined the Shaolin warrior monks group at the Shaolin Temple when he was a young child. He is a pupil of Master Xi Yanlu the head coach of the Shaolin warrior monks and one of four Devarajas of the Shaolin Temple.

Training at the Shaolin Temple is very intensive and requires high levels of dedication and discipline. During his time at the Shaolin Temple Master Liu became an expert in a huge range of different styles, forms and weapon techniques. Some of the Shaolin kung fu styles he has learned include; Arhat boxing, Plum Blossom Fist, Eagle Bixing, Drunken Fist, Monkey Style Boxing, Hard Qi Gong, Iron Shirt, Shaolin Cudgel, Shaolin Sword, Shaolin Whip and many more.

Master Liu has entered many different martial arts competitions both in China and abroad of which he has won a large number and acquired an impressive collection of medals! Just some of his competition achievements include the gold medal in the first international martial arts festival, the gold medal in the Hong Kong international martial arts exchange competition, first place in the Dengfeng City Shaolin Martial Arts Competition ‘Drunken Fist’ and double headed spears. 

He had also performed in and coached the famous Shaolin Warrior Monks performance group who showcase their impressive skills for audiences worldwide and are renowned for their success in national and international competitions.

In addition to being a master of Shaolin kung fu Master Liu is also a highly accomplished Sanda fighter. His Sanda skills are of expert level proven by his many outstanding record in national Sanda competitions. He is a national Sanda champion.

His skills, reputation and acrobatic ability have also led him to perform as a stunt man in Chinese cinema, with kung fu movies (maybe obvious!) his specialty.

Master Liu also has a keen interest in traditional kung fu music he plays the Xun an ancient egg shaped wood wind instrument, one of the oldest musical instruments in China with a 7000 year history. He is happy to teach any students who would like to learn kung fu music in their spare time.

Photos of Master Liu

Master Song

Kung Fu Styles Taught:

Sanda Kickboxing (Sanshou)

Master Song is from a martial arts family, he was born  in linyi , Shandong province.  He started to practice traditional kung fu with his father at the young age of 6. With dedicated practice and regular tuition from his father Master Song began to develop his skills quickly.

At the age of 13, he was accepted to train at the famous Song Jiang martial arts school in Shangdong province and where he had the opportunity to further his training and develop his Sanda kickboxing skills. 

After attending Song Jiang martial arts school and at the age of 17 he was admitted to the best sports university in China; Beijing Sports University to learn Kung Fu. 

During his training and life Master Song has gained a very deep understanding of Sanda theories and practical applications. He has also had the chance to put his skills to the test having fought in and found success in many major Sanda tournaments and competitions.

In additional to his main style of Sanda (Sanshou), Master Song is also skilled and accomplished in both the internal styles of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Students training with Master Song will get good practical tuition from a master with a wealth of combat experience. High levels of fitness are expected of all Sanda fighters, and Master Song helps all of his students to improve there physical condition to new levels during his training.

Competitions & Awards

Below are just some of the awards and accomplishments of Master Song:

2007 – Achieved second place in 52KGS sanda competition in Heze city, Shandong province.

2008 – Took part in the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Game and Paralympic Games.

2010 Achieved third place in the 52 kgs sanda competition in autumn sports meeting of Song Jiang martial arts school, Shandong Province.

2012 – First place in the 60kg sanda tournament at the Beijing Sports university .

2014 – First place in the 65KG  Sanda competition in Changchun sports University .

Photos of Master Song