Privacy Policy

Information we receive about you

We receive information about you from a number of different sources.

1. Information received from you

Includes all information received when you register, including your name, user ID, email, birthday, gender, languages and country. It includes all information you share, including posts you make on the forum, photos or other media, your tags of yourself or others or when you take an action, such as joining groups, requesting or accepting friends, making personal posts on your profile or others and updating your profile information. We will also receive information from you when you participate in surveys, competitions, feedback and other questionnaires. We may collect information you provide to us through phone or instant messenger contact.

When booking services or purchasing products, we may also receive credit card or other payment information. This information is kept confidential and is never shared with third parties. Other information collected while booking may include travel preferences, special needs/dietary requirements or any disabilities you may have. We also receive information about anyone you book on behalf of. It is your responsibility to ensure they consent to you providing us with that information and in doing so you represent that you have their consent.

2. Information received from other users

Other users may tag you in a post of their own or that of another user.

3. Other information

From time to time, we may receive information about you from advertisers, or other service providers, which help us to ensure accuracy of the services we provide, understand our users better and help to maintain and improve The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School. This information can be for example, how you responded to an ad or information regarding your stay at an academy or participation in other services.

Any time you interact with The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School, including posting, updating your profile, visiting pages, we receive data regarding your activity or content posted. This may include your IP and GPS or service provider. Without this information we would not be able to run The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School effectively.

Any information provide advertising partners academies or other third party services will only be done so after removing information that can identify you personally. Also, any information we receive from the above third parties will be stripped of personally identifiable information and may be used for statistical purposes.

How we use information we receive

Information received is used to provide services to you and other users, registered or otherwise of the site, and advertisers who have purchased ad space on the site. The use of information received by or about you may be used to enhance efforts to maintain a secure The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School, in calculating effectiveness of advertising, to provide users with information regarding all services provided. We may for example use your email to notify you of site features, products, servicese or promotions. We also use your information to fulfill orders, such as bookings. It is also used to provide an optimal user experience for The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School.

Without this permission, The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School would not be able to function as it does, nor would we be able to improve our services in the future.

It is understood that while you are allowing us to use your information, you own your information. As such we will not share your information with others without first:

  • Obtaining your permission
  • Notifying you, through this privacy policy other methods
  • Removing personally identifying information from the information.


Cookies uses cookies, which are small pieces of information, which are stored on your computer, which help us to provide you with a better service and which make easier to use. At any time you can block cookies using your browser. If you choose to do so, certain features of may become unavailable to you.


Your security and that of The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School is of paramount concern for us. As such we will always attempt to keep The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School and your information as secure as possible. Nothing on the internet is 100 percent secure and safe however. You should keep your account details as secure as possible. This includes keeping your password and other log in information confidential and only using your password for this website. We will never email you asking for your password. If you believe your account has been compromised, you agree to contact us immediately.


We do not share information with advertisers without first removing anything that could personally identify you. For example, an advertiser might wish to know how many men under 25 from Germany use the site.

User Comments and Feedback and Media

You agree to grant a royalty free, worldwide, exclusive, irrevocable right to distribute, copy and use in any way, all feedback, ideas and suggestions submitted or disclosed in any way to The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School and media shared, submitted or posted. Your first name, first initial of your last name or User ID (not email) may be used with any comments, feedback and ideas that you submit or disclose. The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School cannot guarantee the accuracy or truthfulness of any of this information and users’ reliance on this information will be at their own risk. Users have sole responsibility for comments, ideas feedback and media they disclose, submit or share.

Legal Requirements

There are a number of circumstances in which we may share your information:

  • In response to legal requests, in the event that we in good faith that we are required to do so by law.
  • If we in good faith believe that to do so would help to prevent imminent harm to a person or their death.
  • If we in good faith believe that to do so would aid in preventing or addressing fraud or illegal activity regarding the use of our site.

Personal Invitations

When you use The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School to invite a friend to join the site or a particular group or request, we may send an invitation to their email using your name and/or user ID.

Changes to this privacy policy

We may occasionally make amendments to this privacy policy. We will notify you as to material changes by displaying the amended privacy policy on our website.