Refund Policy

In order to confirm your place at our school we ask for a deposit of $100. This deposit is to confirm your place at our school and allow us to prepare your arrival documentation. This deposit is payable upon confirmation of your successful application. This booking deposit in non refundable should you choose to cancel your application. This deposit is separate to the training prices that will be paid.

Promotional Training Price

Students choosing to take advantage of our discounted training prices (usually @ 15% of standard training price)  will not be eligible for any refund for any length of training.

Standard Training Price

Students paying the standard training prices will be eligible for the following refund structure, the below refund policy applies to payment in full for your chosen length of training e.g.($5840 for 1 years training):

Stays 1 month or less

There is no refund available for stays 1 month or less.

Stays of 1 month to 6 months

For stays between 1 month and 6 months students can receive 50% of their total payment refunded back to them if the need arises to leave the school early.

For example if you have paid for 6 months training and have stayed for only 2 months you will be refunded 50 % of 4 months full training cost.

Any month of training you begin (this is not calendar month but based on when you arrive) does not qualify for a refund.

For example, if you have paid for 6 months and have stayed 4 months and 5 days, no part of the 5th month is refundable.

6 Months +

Due to the large discounts offered for lengths of training of 6 months or longer no refund will be given.

Month by Month Payments

We do offer all students the chance to pay month by month if required. If this method of payment is chosen no discount can be offered for larger lengths of training and students will be charged the price of $870 each month.

Refunds are only given, as mentioned, for full months. If you have been given a refund and want to stay longer, fees are determined by the normal monthly rate of $870. If for example, you have paid for 5 month and in your 3rd month, you let us know you would like to leave after 4 months and 10 days, you will be refunded for the entire 5th month. You will then be charged by the normal rate for stays of less than 1 month. As a reminder:

  • For stays of less than 1 week, rates are 300 RMB per day.
  • For stays of 1 week or longer rates are $250 USD per week.

So in the above scenario, after you have received your refund for the entire 5th month, you will be charged at the weekly rate of $250 USD per week. 1 week = 7 days = 250 USD. The following 3 days are charged at 250 (week rate) / 7 (days in a week) x 3 (days stayed) = 107 USD. That makes the total price for the 10 days 250 + 107 = $357 USD.

Please note that in this case, the refund has been applied for in advance of the 5th month, during the 4th month of training. In the case where a refund is applied for after the 5th month has begun (even by a day) no refund will be given for that month. For example, if you arrive on the 20th of June, your second month will begin on the 20th of July, and so on.

It is your responsibility to plan your dates and refunds.

Refund Method

Refunds will be given in RMB and given either in cash or by bank transfer.

Refund Money Or Receive Training Time

You can choose not to receive a refund and instead opt to keep the time you have paid for. For example, if you pay for 6 months and leave after 3 months and 1 week, you could choose to receive 2 months refund OR 2 months and 3 weeks training instead. This option works well if you have to return home for some reason but anticipate you will be returning for more training.

Please also note that time is non-transferable between people.

Processing Time for Refunds

The Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School aims to provide refunds as quickly as possible but reserves the right to take up to 6 weeks to process a refund if a dispute arises.

For more information you can view details of our prices, or fill out an application form.