Kung Fu Fighter Program – With Sanda Kickboxing

Train Like a Fighter

Want to toughen up? Want to learn real combat skills? Want training that will leave you on the floor after every session?

If the answer was yes, yes and yes, then this is the program for you.

Train with a focus on getting combat ready.

This program focuses on getting you combat ready, you will gain experience of real fighting that will really toughen you up!

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You Will Have The Chance To Learn Sanda - A Hugely Effective Form of Combat...

Easy To Learn

Sanda only uses a few basic movements. Bruce Lee famously claimed that he would fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times rather than the man who had practiced 10,000 kicks just once. That perfectly applies to Sanda. You practice a few natural punches, kicks and take downs to the point that they become natural and easy to use. The trick to real combat is not knowing the most techniques, but being able to execute a small number of movements when faced with real, un-choreographed situations.


Transform your body through awesome power, speed, explosiveness and coordination training. We have a daily conditioning regime that will have you fighting fit. You can learn all the skills you want but if your body isn't in the right shape, you just won't shape up when your faced with the real thing. We'll make sure you're fully prepared to get in the ring or defend yourself.


One of the reasons Sanda is such an effective stand up martial art is that is places a lot of emphasis on take downs and take down defense, which makes it perfect to use in combination with ground arts such as BJJ or wrestling. It also makes Sanda a fantastic martial art to learn if you prefer stand up combat as you'll be well placed to defend yourself from getting taken to the floor.

Key Areas That The Kung Fu Fighter Program Focuses On

Train Like A Fighter

Forget the flowery moves! Train like a fighter to become a fighter! Take the ultimate fighting challenge to get combat and ring ready.

Simple Progression

Combat kung fu is simple. There are a limited number of techniques to master. Know the technique, train under the right conditions, master them.

When Can You Fight?

You’ll be sparring within the first month and from there you can begin to have arranged fights. You'll get plenty of real combat experience.

Fighting Fitness

Get real combat training while you lose weight. Your classes will mix kung fu fighting techniques with high intensity cardio training.

The Kung Fu Fighter Program is the perfect way to get combat ready. If you are looking to learn practical and effective fighting techniques this is the perfect course.

What You Get From the Boot Camp...

  • Personalized training to push you to your personal maximum and beyond.

  • High intensity interval workouts to push your body to the limits.

  • Fighting technique.

  • Impact conditioning training.

  • Take down and take down defense training.

  • Semi and full contact sparring.

  • Arranged amateur and professional fights.

  • Accommodation in a comfortable room with desk, chair and wardrobe.

  • Meals. Organic, healthy food to keep you in peak condition.

  • Gym for you to train to build you strength further.

  • Training gear.

  • Techniques Trained:
  • Punching and kicking technique. How to add huge power to your strikes.

  • Distance training. Know when to close, when to back off and when to strike.

  • Timing.

  • Reflexes. Get lightening fast reflexes and learn to rely on yourself on them to give you the edge.

Areas the Kung Fu Fighter Course Focuses On:


  • Combat
  • Sparring
  • Conditioning
  • Fitness

How to Join the Kung Fu Fighter Program?

Coming to the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School to take part in our kung fu fighter program is easy.

  1. Simply click on the book now button (to the right) and fill in a quick application form.
  2. We will contact you to confirm your booking and training your dates.
  3. Come to the school and start your training
  4. Get in fantastic shape & have an amazing experience!

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