About China


China has one of the oldest civilizations and consequently, one of the richest cultures in the world. Stretching back more than 5000 years, you can see evidence of China’s history in every aspect of life in China. Through learning kung fu you not only get the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that come from learning kung fu, when you learn kung fu in China, you are getting a history lesson in every class. Kung fu is a major part of Chinese culture and has developed along with China’s turbulent past.


The majority of people in China speak Mandarin Chinese (also known as Putonghua, Hanyu and Zhongwen). English is becoming more widely spoken and even if you speak no Chinese at all, when traveling by train or plane, you can usually find where you’re going using a piece of paper with the your destination on it and in major cities you never have to look far for a person who can speak English. Having said that, a little bit of Chinese goes a long way, so we offer Chinese classes to get you up to speed.


China's currency is RMB or Chinese Yuan (CNY). For a quick currency conversion to check out the exchange rate, head to www.xe.com.


China has some incredibly diverse food. Being such a large country, you can find special local dishes just about everywhere you go. Staple foods are typically rice, wheat noodles and bread. It is fairly easy for vegetarians in China as most restaurants have vegetable dishes. If you like your meat, pork and chicken are the most commonly found meats, although beef and fish are also fairly easy to find.


China has great public transport. You can get all over the country by train and an increasingly large high speed rail network allows you to travel huge distances in the blink of an eye. For example, our school, despite being two provinces away from Beijing, only takes 1.5 hours by high speed rail and only 3.5 hours from Shanghai.


China is full of extremely friendly people. If you're ever in trouble, need directions, or need a helping hand, usually you won't have to look hard for help.

Cost Of Living

China is a fairly cheap country to get around in, especially if you eat, travel and live Chinese style. If you want to eat international food, you can expect to pay international prices however. You can get a full meal for around about 1 - 2 dollars in many places, even in big cities.

Culture Shock

China does take a little bit of getting used to. The hardest thing is probably the language and luckily that's something we can help you with from the moment you step off the plane. It's always a big step to go to another country, especially if you're coming for long term training. Rest assured that we understand that and we're here to help, not just with your training, but with all aspects of your time in China, from simply going to the bank or making friends.