Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed below or need and other information please just get in touch.


Absolutely not. While of course it helps if you have learned kung fu before, you will find that your progress can be so quick that you will quickly develop awesome skills.

This question gets asked A LOT! The answer depends on the individual. You won't become a master within a year but you can certainly learn a lot and become proficient in your chosen style. To get to the level where you can teach, you should be prepared to put in a few years of training, just like you would in any other profession.

The price paid includes; all your training, accommodation, 3 meals a day, pick up from the airport/train station and use of all the schools facilities. It is worth noting that items like washing powder, soap and toilet paper are not included in the price, however they are cheap to buy and readily available in the nearby village/town and in the schools shop.

That's the best part! We've got a large amount of things to do for you when you're winding down you can take time out in our relaxation room, go hiking, partake in some organic gardening, take cultural trips, visit the local cities and more.

Our prices start at 1 month but there is absolutely no maximum limit for you to come, live and train with us. In fact, you can get huge discounts when training with us long term!

While you can buy everything you need to train here, it helps to bring running shoes, T shirts you don't mind getting sweaty in, loose fitting pants and shorts. Bring a jacket / jumper if you're coming in the winter.

It's really easy for you to get here. High speed trains run to Jinan and Tai'An from all over China. You can also fly to Jinan. When you're there, we'll pick you up. Simple as that. Get in touch with us and we'll help you book tickets and make sure you get here easily.

Single rooms are currently available however they cost an extra 1000RMB per month. We only have a limited number of single rooms available at any one time. If you would like to reserve a single room in advance you can do so during the application process. If you would like to enquire as to the availability of single rooms please feel free to contact us anytime.

Our school is overall a secure location in a walled courtyard. Our rooms are lockable and students are provided with a key for their room on arrival. We encourage students to share a mutual respect for each other and students feel comfortable leaving items in their rooms. We have not experienced any problems with anything going missing. Under certain circumstances our school can hold onto valuables on request in a secure location.

Our students make international calls mainly via the internet using providers such as Skype. We have wireless internet across the school which is provided free to all students. Many longer term students also choose to purchase a Chinese mobile sim card which can be used to call international numbers and to help with personal communication in China. International calling cards are also available in the local cities.

Our drinking water comes from 5 stage water filters which have been installed in the school. These filters are very thorough in purifying the water and include fluoride removal technology. Water is available to students at all times during the day. Students are also provided with a hot water flask which can be filled up with hot water that the school provides. Water coolers providing both hot and cold water can also be found in all accommodation buildings.

For sprains, cuts, bruises and minor injuries our masters are able to help students using the medical equipment available in the school. There is a doctor available close by in the local town and the price is very cheap by western standards. If required the recommended hospital near the school is in Tai'an and has good facilities and medical assistance can be provided at a relatively low cost, transport is provided to the hospital by our school should it's use be required. The use of medical equipment and medical assistance provided in the school is available to all students and is included in the cost of training. Medical assistance provided outside of the school is to be paid separately to the providing institution, as mentioned before this cost relatively low.

It is possible to stay at our school whilst only spending very little money as food, accommodation and training is all included in the price. You will find that things are very cheap in china and you can get by comfortably only spending very little every month. Many students enjoy visiting the local towns and cities during free time and at the weekends (some of the most popular activities include sports massage and visiting the spa in Tai’an) and spending money would be needed for this.

There are many different stores available in our schools local town and in the nearby cities. Tai’an is a large city where you will be able to find a store selling pretty much anything. We have a small store in our school selling a range of snacks, essentials and training gear. If you need help finding something or need to order online in China a member of our schools team will be able to help you.

Yes, many of our students have received packages at our school sent from international locations. The address for our school is available on our website on our contact us page. We can also provide students with the address of our school in Chinese characters to help with the delivery.