Wing Chun Training

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Wing Chun Training

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Wing Chun Training

Master Huang & Master Wang training wing chun sticky hands at the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School.

Wing Chun Training in China

Nearly everyone is familiar with whom Bruce Lee is. We have watched him on the big screen in featured films such as The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, and The Game of Death. Bruce Lee is known throughout the world for his spectacular skills in the Martial Arts. Many of us grew up, jumping and kicking through our living rooms as we pretended to pull off the amazing maneuvers that Bruce Lee carried out so flawlessly. It is time to stop pretending.

Before Bruce Lee became a household name he was just another kid joining martial arts after being jumped by a gang in the streets of Hong Kong. At 16 years old Lee began his training in Wing Chun, which would later evolve into the largest influence of his martial arts development, and thus, his legacy.

The origin of Wing Chun is a highly debated topic as the art is traditionally passed down verbally from teacher to student and not documented in a written format. Despite its varied theories of speculated origins, Wing Chun demands proper respect from its students and outsiders.

Wing Chun is customarily taught strictly to those of Chinese origin. Yip Man, Bruce Lee’s Master, was the first master to openly teach Wing Chun on a school fee basis. Learning Wing Chun in China not only allows a legendary martial art to live on, but it allows you to become extremely effective in self-defense.

Wing Chun has a technical structure that gives you the ability to be fully functioning in defense and offense, simultaneously. The technique includes blocking and trapping, allowing you to not only block a threatened attack but to open your opponent so that you may land a hit in as well. A technique such as the bang sao can be used to land a strike following through with a double lop sao which will set up endless opportunities for knees, elbow, or choke attacks.

Many that learn Wing Chun in China are introduced to a two against one concept that opens a very unique technique that works extremely well. The two against one concept revolves around the idea of holding an outside position where you are able to use two hands against your opponent’s one hand, rather than standing chest to chest with your opponent. Striking your opponents outer arm while pulling or jamming it in with one hand, leaving your other hand to blast him with an attack typically works very well during combat, or even simple sparring.

Wing Chun roots are entwined with the very fabric of China. To train in Wing Chun is to embrace the very culture that it derives from. Bruce Lee was just the beginning of the legacies Wing Chun has the potential of creating, it is now your time to stop pretending, and start training.

Students are able to learn Wing Chun at the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School.

There are currently places available at our school for students wishing to learn Wing Chun in China. You can visit our Learn Wing Chun page for more details or apply to learn kung fu using our quick application form - Apply to Learn Kung Fu.

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