Learn Sanda In China

Learn the style many in the UFC are turning to! This is China's best answer to Muay Thai. A hugely effective form of combat that will get you fighting fit for personal self defense and also sport combat.

Easy To Learn

Sanda only uses a few basic movements. Bruce Lee famously claimed that he would fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times rather than the man who had practiced 10,000 kicks just once. That perfectly applies to Sanda. You practice a few natural punches, kicks and take downs to the point that they become natural and easy to use. The trick to real combat is not knowing the most techniques, but being able to execute a small number of movements when faced with real, un-choreographed situations.


Transform your body through awesome power, speed, explosiveness and coordination training. We have a daily conditioning regime that will have you fighting fit. You can learn all the skills you want but if your body isn't in the right shape, you just won't shape up when your faced with the real thing. We'll make sure you're fully prepared to get in the ring or defend yourself.


We have daily sparring work to ensure your skills are being put to the test. Sparring ranges from light, technique based work to optional full contact combat.


One of the reasons Sanda is such an effective stand up martial art is that is places a lot of emphasis on take downs and take down defense, which makes it perfect to use in combination with ground arts such as BJJ or wrestling. It also makes Sanda a fantastic martial art to learn if you prefer stand up combat as you'll be well placed to defend yourself from getting taken to the floor.

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