Come & Join Our Summer Camp!

Kung Fu Summer Camp

Kung Fu Training Summer Camp

We have 2 summer camps available. You can come and join us for both or just for one its up to you. If you would like to stay on at our school and learn more then we would love to have you!

Due to the full time kung fu training that we offer you really can learn a lot in a short amount of time!

The date for our first summer camp is June 30th - July 27th.

The date for our second summer camp is July 28th - August 24th.

Recharge & Change Your Life In 4 Weeks!

Get out into the fresh air and mountains of Mount Tai in Shandong Province! Get in incredible shape, learn kung fu and get in touch with thousands of years of Chinese culture and heritage! For more info about our location check us out here. Swap buildings for trees, mountains and water!

Stay Beyond The Camp

We have long term training options available. We can take care of your Visa and ensure your stay is comfortable

Full Time Training

You will train 5 days a week from dawn until dusk. Check out our training schedule (clicking will open a new window)

Awesome Masters

Our masters live and breathe kung fu and have all been learning their arts since childhood. Check out our kung fu masters (clicking on link will open a new window).

Great Variety

We have a lot of different styles of kung fu on offer.

Wing Chun - An awesome close combat kung fu style.

Shaolin Kung Fu - The most famous Chinese martial art.

Tai Chi - Amazing for health, balance and coordination.

Jeet Kune Do - Learn Bruce Lee's martial art.

Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) - Perfect for getting in shape and self defence.

Qigong (Chi Kung) - Master your internal energy and live a long, healthy, happy life.

XMA / Acrobatics - Learn how to fly through the air, spin, flip and twist!

Awesome Accommodation!

We have great accommodation options for you. With 4 different types of accommodation you'll be able to find what you're after. It's first in first served with all accommodation options the same price. So get in quick! Check out accommodation here.

Top Class Facilities

We have everything you need to train and live! For more info on our facilities check us outhere:

Training Equipment - Pads, focus mitts, crash mats, punching bags, weights machines, bench press, gloves, protective gear + much more...

Essential Living Facilities - Western toilets, hot showers, comfy beds, quick wifi (properly quick), laundry services.

Relax In Comfort - We have a pool table, chill out room with a huge TV, library, Chinese tea and coffee areas, Chinese chess and a beautiful campus with fruit trees an organic garden and pools where you can catch fish and throw them on the BBQ.

We have an organic farm on the school grounds. We don't use MSG and strive to make our food as healthy as possible. We're sure you will feel the difference!

All Year Training - Not Just The Summer Camp

We have 2 summer camps. 1 in July and 1 in August. However, you can come any time and stay for as long as you want! We sort your Visa out for you for the duration of your stay. We have short and long term students and everyone can benefit from the training, no matter what age, fitness level or amount of martial arts experience you have!

If you would like to come and join us for our summer camps or need any more information you can apply here (mention summer camp on the application form) or just get directly in touch with us here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!